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July 15th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Marks to (X)HTML / CSS, MySQL, PHP, Software, Web Development.

WordPress BLM Export Plugin
UPDATE 5th December 2015: This plugin is no longer supported. However, good news! We’ve since developed PropertyHive. PropertyHive is a plugin for WordPress that handles property listings, as well as a much improved BLM export and real-time data feeds to property portals. Check it out here or download it it here.

If you send automated feeds to property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, to name but a few, you’ll know doubt of heard of BLM files; A format that allows you to send your properties to these property portals in an automated fashion whereby they can be processed the other end.

This WordPress plugin, an add-on for the already well established WP-Property plugin, makes it easy to get an automated feed in place that takes care of constructing, compiling and sending these feeds.

From the features listed below, you’ll hopefully see just how much time this could save you by taking away the need to write some bespoke script.

Download Here


  • Integrates into the WP-Property plugin.
  • Automatic scheduling of feed creation; either twice a day, once a day, or every other day.
  • Test mode and live mode to allow you to test the feed first before sending it.
  • FTP upload – Feeds are automatically uploaded via FTP to the portals.
  • Compression. Specify if you want to send all the files separately, or compress them into a single ZIP file for quicker processing.
  • Support for multiple branch codes per portal in the event you are dealing with a multi-office agency.
  • Incremental feeds. The plugin only includes the media that is new or has recently changed to massively reduce sending times and filesize. Can be overwritten if required.
  • Archiving. Store files for a configurable amount of days to act as a temporary backup. These are then automatically cleaned up at regular intervals to prevent disk space being taken up.
  • Manually run feeds at the click of a button to assist with testing.
  • View statistics for the past 30 days including a list of the properties sent in each feed, and a list of errors if any occur to aid with debugging why a feed or property may not have sent.
  • Emailed reports. Get a report emailed to one or more recipients containing a log of what happened when the feeds ran. You can choose to receive these reports every time the feed runs, or only when errors occur.
  • Advanced field mapping. Easy to use interface allowing you to select which fields setup in WP-Property relate to the fields in the BLM.
  • Extra resources for developers including links to a BLM validator, a sample BLM and BLM specification.
  • Help tooltips throughout explaining what each field means.

Download Here





Download Here


– WP-Property plugin
– PHP ZipArchive extension (if choosing to compress files prior to sending)
– Tested upto WordPress 3.6.2 and WP-Property version 1.37.6

Customising the plugin

We understand that not everybody uses WP-Property, or might have a slightly different setup to what this plugin supports. We are able to offer bespoke solutions to match your needs. There hasn’t been a feed yet that we haven’t able to assist with so get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Upcoming Features

– Aim to include floorplans, brochures, EPC’s and virtual tours. Because there is no definitive way to add these in WP-Property it’s difficult to know how people will be storing these. Look at implementing it through a hook or similar so developers can specify themselves how these link together.

– Make the field mapping step more intelligent by looking for similarly named fields.
Download Here


The plugin is provided as seen. I have tested it thoroughly myself and ran it through as many scenarios as possible. However with the number of endless possibilities when it comes to server configurations and WordPress setups it is not possible for me to test every single combination.

If you obtain the add-on and feel it’s not working for you, please let me know. I’d prefer to work with you and resolve any issues there and then to not only assist you, but make the plugin better for everybody else. If you find a legitimate bug that is preventing you from using the plugin, I will happily fix it and provide you with an update, free of charge of course.

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Comments (10)
  1. @Matt – Hi Matt, I believe (from memory) that all the portals you mention do support the BLM format. All with the exception of FindAProperty which doesn’t exist anymore. We have worked previously on amending the plugin to work with the Rightmove real-time feed if that’s of interest to you. Shout if any more questions :) Steve

  2. Hi Steve,

    I was wondering if you let me know which property sites the plugin will still work with. I know right move wont accept the BLM format any more but will it work with the following:

    prime location
    find a property.com
    up my street
    lettings search



  3. @PD – It will work with portals that still support the BLM format. Rightmove now do no longer support this format and have their own real-time format as of a few months ago. I won’t be updating the plugin to support this new format (it’s too different to what’s there at the moment) but am happy to carry out paid work to get this done if required. Hope that helps.

  4. PD says:

    Hi does your plugin still work?

  5. @Tony – No it’s not the frequency that’s changed. It’s a completely different format. I might work on an amended version of this plugin at some point (time permitting). It wouldn’t be for a good few weeks/months though, and I probably wouldn’t work with WP-Property again. Do let me know if you’re interested in a bespoke version being built. Thanks for your interest.

  6. tony lees says:

    Hi there, I am just buiding a website and was intending to use your extension, however Rightmoves appear to have changed the feed criteria to real time data feeds.. is this just the frequency the data is collected / sent?

    Will your extension still work?


  7. @Adrian – Great! Maybe speak to you soon.

  8. Adrian Walls says:

    Thanks Steve. It’s not something we need just now. I was just curious if this was part of the current plugin. I’ll keep this in mind though when the time does come.

  9. @Adrian – Thanks for getting in touch. I’m afraid the plugin is export only. I have thought about building an import version but just don’t have time to do it and offer it as a free plugin.

    I’m available for hire if you wish for a bespoke import version to be built and more than happy to help out.

    Just let me know :) Steve

  10. Adrian Walls says:


    Just wondering if this script can deal with importing a BLM file to a WordPress site or is it purely for exporting?