Why Blogging is Crucial to Your Website

October 3rd, 2013 - Posted by Steve Marks to Business Development, SEO, Web Development.

Where do you stand when it comes to blogging? If you fall into one of the categories below then this post is for you:

  • You have a website but you don’t have a blog.
  • You have a website with a blog feature enabled, but it never gets updated.
  • You blog now and again but don’t enjoy it.
  • You did blog but you weren’t seeing the benefits so stopped.
  • You want to blog for your employers and need to convince your manager it’s worthwhile.

I hear a lot of people say they haven’t got time to blog, they don’t want to blog, or they’ve got more important things to do with their time. Granted, time is probably scarce for many and not everyone likes writing. The idea of sitting down and writing a blog post is some people’s worst nightmare.

Aside from not having time, another reason why an organisation may decide to not blog is that they see no benefit. After all, how can writing a few articles a week improve their traffic, and ultimately their turnover? Well, you’d be surprised.

Case Study

I want to begin by looking at a website’s traffic history, and to show you how frequent blogging can increase the number of visitors:


The website above started out over 3 years ago and has posted just under 5 times a month, or once a week on average this whole time. The site is only a blog, and it doesn’t have any additional content pages or sell any products. It’s never done any marketing campaigns and wasn’t at all established prior to being setup.

What the graph above shows is that through blogging just once a week, the traffic has gone from complete zero, to an average of 800 visitors a day, simply by it being picked up in search engines. By no means is it breaking any records, but now imagine taking this and doing it on an existing and established site. How would you like an extra 800+ visitors to your website every day?

Regular blogging increases visitors and leads

Hopefully by now I’ve got your attention so we’ll look at taking this one step further and take a look at what blogging even more frequently can achieve:

“companies that blog 15 or more times per month get 5X more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all”

The above quote is from an excellent article posted in October 2012 called ‘12 Revealing Charts to Help You Benchmark Your Business Blogging Performance‘. What Pamela Vaughan has done is illustrate, through the use of graphs, the huge impact that blogging can have on visitor counts and lead generation if taken seriously.

If you’re serious about blogging and generating more traffic I recommend you take a read of the above article.

Quality content is key

I’ve written above a lot about how the quantity and frequency of blog posts is important. Let’s not forget however that the quality of the blog posts themselves are also as, if not more, important. One well written post or news article could equate to five poorly written posts.

If you’re struggling for ideas on what to write about, I wrote a post previously containing tips to get blog ideas which may be of use.

Prove you’re an industry expert

By blogging about things relevant to your industry your website is no longer just a static set of pages. You now become real people with real thoughts and real knowledge. It shows that you know your stuff, that you live and breath the trade. By offering advice, tips and useful information you now become the go-to guys for your users.

Give the right impression to your users

Take a couple of minutes out to find small business websites containing blogs and I can guarantee that you’ll come across one or more that have a couple of posts added, and then nothing for months, even years, since. What impression do you think that this gives to their users? Do they look an active company? Heck, if I saw a website that hadn’t been updated in years I’d probably take it on merit that the company maybe aren’t even going any more.

Make blogging fun

One of the categories I asked whether you fall into above was ‘You blog now and again but don’t enjoy it’. If you’re thinking this sounds like you, take it from me when I say blogging needn’t be a chore. I’ve included below some tips that will hopefully make writing posts more fun:

Install analytics software
By installing a statistics package on your website, such as Google Analytics, you can see how many people have looked at your post. There’s nothing more rewarding in my eyes than thinking my words are being read by others around the world. After a few months of posting, you can also then see how your website traffic is increasing.

Get others involved
If you work in a team why not take it turns to write a post. This not only shares the responsibility but turns it into a competition by seeing who can get the most page views or comments.

Write about things you care about
If you’re trying to blog about things you don’t feel passionate about you probably don’t care much for the words you’re putting down. Try and find something you do care about and this will not only make it more enjoy, but will also be reflected in the quality of your article.

Need help?

If the above is enough to convince you that a blog would be a beneficial asset to your website, but you’re not sure about where to go from here then we can help. We can add blogging software to your existing website, install an analytics package and even write blog posts on your behalf to get you up and running. Simply get in touch to discuss the options available and allow us to help.

If you’ve experienced regular blogging increasing your traffic or have any other suggestions on how to get started, please share your experience via the comments box below.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more Shell. I think it’s persistence to keep the blogging up which is the main killer for many blogs.

  2. This is a great article – it looks at all of the main reasons why businesses can’t afford not to blog.

    Interesting stat about companies who blog 15 times or more a month get 5 times more traffic. I’m not sure there are many companies would could keep up with a blogging frequency like that, but i’ve noticed myself that the more content you create the better; the same seems to go for social media activity too, the more the better, as long as what you are putting out there is relevant and you don’t scrimp on quality that is!