Tips on Overcoming Writer’s Block and Getting Ideas for Blog Posts

September 18th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Marks to Business Development, Miscellaneous, SEO.

I try to write a blog post as regularly as possible, or at least as and when time allows. Posting at regular intervals and keeping the content fresh is great for Search Engine Optimisation, but also ensures your visitors keep coming back to see what’s new. As well as the obvious benefits I feel it also has a personal benefit; I was never that great at English at school so blogging provides a good way to keep my writing, spelling and grammar in check.

There is a lot of debate on the web about how often a new post should be added to your site. Some people say every day, others say once a week. In my opinion there is no fixed rule and that it ultimately depends on the industry you’re in. I agree that the more often you post the better, but some industries just aren’t as active as others. The key I think is to leave the same amount of time between posts. Posting seven articles over the week is better than posting all seven in one day then nothing for the rest of the week.

That aside, posting regularly can be hard when it comes to thinking of new ideas, especially in the slower industries as mentioned above. I know so many sites that have asked for a blog to be added, only to post a couple of articles and then never touch it again. With the tips below I hope that this will never happen to your blog and to provide you with some fresh motivation.

Take a break

If you’re sitting there staring at a blank screen or an empty piece of paper and struggling to come up with ideas, move away for a short while, grab a drink and come back with a clear head.

Keep a note when ideas come to you

Sometimes an idea for a blog can come to you at an inconvenient time, or when you’re busy and tasked with something else. Don’t let the idea disappear. Make a quick note of it, set a reminder on your phone or send yourself an email so it’s there waiting for you when you’re next in ‘blogging mode’.

Do some competitor analysis

Why not take a look at what others in the same industry are writing about. Obviously don’t copy one of their blog posts but use it for inspiration.

Find your optimum time of day

There is scientific evidence that you’re more creative at night before bed. I definitely find this to be true and find the evenings the best time to blog. I know others find it easier to blog during the day when their mind is active. Find your optimum time of day for writing and put some time aside dedicated to writing in these slots.

Get a change of scenery

Sometimes some fresh air or a new environment can do wonders for creativity. You could take your laptop or notepad to the park, or simply move to a different room in the house. Preferably this would remain a quiet place that allows you to focus.

Write in a quiet environment

Following on from the above, I recommend writing somewhere quiet with minimal distractions. Getting into the mindset is key for me when I’m blogging and getting distracted definitely impacts on the quality of the finished blog post.

Write a batch of posts in advance

Ever feel like you have hundreds of ideas all at once, then nothing for weeks? Don’t worry, me too. As a result, why not try to write the blog posts whilst your creative juices are flowing and schedule them for the future. This could be storing them somewhere for later or, if you use a blogging platform like WordPress, you can schedule posts to automatically go live at a specified date and time.

Get everyone involved and share the responsibility

If you writing for an organisation you could try and get other members of staff involved and get them to write a guest post. This gives the blog a different perspective by having posts from people in different areas of the business, and, from my experience, excites people when they get the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions.

Do something to write about

Instead of trying to find topics or things to write about, why not do something and create your own topic. This could be doing a bike ride for charity, or sponsoring a local event.

I’m forever looking for new ideas on how to generate new inspiration when it comes to writing. Tell us by adding a comment if you’ve got any ideas that you use to overcome your writer’s block.

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