Shopify – Get a Page’s Title, Content and More With The Handle

March 4th, 2014 - Posted by Steve Marks to Software, Web Development.

Following on from a recent e-commerce project in Shopify, I came across a scenario whereby I needed to get details about a particular page from somewhere on the site.

For examples sake, let’s imagine that I needed to get the content of an ‘About Us‘ page and display it on the homepage. There is no link between the two pages, so I needed a way to get one page’s details from another.

I was surprised to discover very little written about this subject, even within the Shopify documentation, so wanted to write about how I achieved this to help others that are looking to do exactly this.

The Solution

It turns out that there is a global ‘pages‘ variable that is available throughout the site. Using the example above, let’s imagine that we have a page called ‘About Us’ that has a handle of ‘about-us‘.

On the homepage we could do the following the get the title, content and more:

{{ pages['about-us'].title }}
{{ pages['about-us'].content }}

Easy enough right? And what about if the handle is in a liquid variable? Well, then we can do something like so:

{% assign my_var = "about-us" %}

{{ pages[my_var].title }}
{{ pages[my_var].content }} 

Using the above method, you could get anything about a particular page, not just the title and content. You could, for example, get the author, URL, date added etc. basically anything that is available from within Shopify’s single page variable.

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  1. Alekka says:

    Thanks for providing that. Strange that Shopify dont have this even in their documentation.

  2. Juni says:

    Woa! this actually helped me. Thanks a lot!