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Page Speed and Loading Times Optimisation

Years ago when the only way to connect to the internet was via a 59kbps dial-up modem, every little megabyte mattered as a developer and would mean the difference between a page loading quickly, or not loading quickly and the user potentially leaving.

Now-a-days, with our fast ultra-fibre connections, this notion of optimising our websites has been forgotten but it still does have a massive effect on things like search engine optimisation and conversion rates, especially on e-commerce websites.

A lot of people probably don’t know whether their website is fully optimised or not. To find out, enter your website address below and we’ll show you how Google rates your site in terms of it’s page loading times

Once you’ve got your score, talk to us and we can help to increase it by making just a few small changes to your website. Our cost for this service is just £3.00 per point increase allowing you to get a much quicker website that performs better in search engines, and with a higher conversion rate, at a very competitive price.

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Search Engine Optimisation

All the websites that we build at BIOSTALL come optimised for search engines by default in terms of the code we use. We are also able to offer advice on what you can do to take it one step further, or we can do it on your behalf through our services, including copywriting and blog post writing.

If your website was constructed by someone else, we offer an audit service whereby for just £50 we’ll analyse your website and provide a report containing a list of the good points, and the areas that need improvement. This audit can then be shown to the original developer of your website, or, alternatively we are able to carry out the work on your behalf and make the improvements for you.

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