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During my time as a developer I’ve spent many hours working with property portals, inparticular the RMv3 BLM format originally introduced by Rightmove which has since become the industry standard.

If you’re constructing a BLM from scratch, it can be a slow process when you have to keep sending it to the property portal for if to be validated. You know how it is… you spend days writing a feed, you send it to the property portal, they come back with problems, you resolve the problems and send it them again, they come back with more issues, and so forth. What should have taken a couple of days turns into weeks and the whole process turns into a big game of file ping pong.

What Is This?

In an effort to reduce the need to send the BLM file to the portal to get it validated, the aim of this tool is to do it for you. It will highlight any serious issues which you can then resolve immediately until it passes the validation.

Note: Unfortunately every portal is slightly different in its validation so we can’t guarantee that just because it passes this test the portal will approve it also. We’ll give it a damn good go though!

How Do I Use It?

It’s easy to validate your BLM file. Simply enter a direct URL to it above, or if you have the file saved locally then browse and upload the file manually. The BLM file will be parsed and any errors or warnings will be shown, along with how the BLM looks in a nicely formatted table.


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