Our PropertyHive Plugin for WordPress Is Released

December 8th, 2015 - Posted by Steve Marks to Web Development.


We’re pleased and proud to announce the release of our latest WordPress Plugin called PropertyHive. We’ve been working tirelessly for the past year to get this ready and it’s now available for download and use in your next estate agency website.

So what is PropertyHive?

PropertyHive is a free plugin for WordPress that enables estate agents to manage their property stock, and display them on their website so users can search and view them. Using our 10+ years of experience in the property software industry, we’ve been able to make the plugin feature rich, clean, and easy-to-use.

PropertyHive can be integrated into any new or existing WordPress theme quickly and easily, with extra assistance from our ever-expanding documentation.

View the PropertyHive website

Download PropertyHive Here

Expand the functionality using add ons

By default, PropertyHive allows you to manage your property stock and list the properties on your website. We have an ever-growing list of premium add ons as well which adds additional functionality. This means you can pick, and only pay for, the extra features you will use.

Some example of these add on include:

BLM Export – If you send your properties to third parties, such as property portals, this add on can help. It will send automatic feeds to one or more portals at specified intervals. It includes many customisable settings, and extensive logging too to assist with debugging and support.

Real-Time Data Feed – If you send your properties to Rightmove, or other property portals that support the real-time format, this add on is for you. Whenever a property is added, updated or removed from WordPress, the details will instantly be sent to the portals meaning your updates appear right away. No more waiting for hours, or even days, for your property details to get updated.

We’re confident when we say that we’re the first WordPress plugin to offer both of these features off-the-shelf.

Add ons are being added on a weekly basic so be sure to keep checking back for new features available to you.

What’s the future for PropertyHive?

We don’t want to be just another WordPress property listing plugin. There are hundreds around which all ultimately do the same thing. We want to take it one step further and bring the features that you would find in larger estate agency software (Vebra, DezRez, Jupix etc) into WordPress.

Applicant management, matching and mailing, brochure generation, viewing management, sale tracking and much more. Everything you can do in estate agency software, we’ll bring to WordPress. We’ve already started on some this functionality and expect it to start becoming available soon.

View the PropertyHive website

Download PropertyHive Here

Why not consider choosing PropertyHive for your next estate agency website.

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