‘missing template “layout/theme.liquid”‘ Error When Uploading Custom Shopify Theme

February 20th, 2014 - Posted by Steve Marks to Software, Web Development.

I’ve been working on my first e-commerce project with Shopify over the past week. As a result I’ve have had the joy of learning their ‘liquid’ templating language whilst creating a new bespoke Shopify theme.

In order to upload a theme, you first need to get the folder structure in place with the required .liquid files. These prerequisites are described in the documentation found here:


Taking from the page above, it states that the required default theme structure needs to contain the following files and folders:

1. Layout
   – theme.liquid

2. Templates
   – blog.liquid
   – cart.liquid
   – collection.liquid
   – index.liquid
   – page.liquid
   – product.liquid

3. Assets

4. Snippets

5. Configs
   – settings.html

After spending a few hours constructing these, I was then ready to upload the theme. You can see below my folder structure which matches the list above from the documentation:

Shopify Theme Structure
I then zipped everything up, went to upload the theme, and in doing so received the following error:

Upload theme does not contain all required fields

As you can see, I’m getting the error:

Upload Theme does not contain all required files: missing template "layout/theme.liquid"

The Solution

From the list of required folder/files above you can see that the folder names begin with capital letters, yet in the error message produced it’s asking for everything in lowercase.

It was this that lead to me try and rename the folders to match the error message. After renaming the folders to be lowercase I was then able to upload the theme successfully.

I personally think the Shopify documentation is a little misleading here when it comes to the naming of the folders as it gives the folder names capitilised and nowhere does it mention they should be in lowercase.

Fortunately the fix was an easy one. Hopefully this will help you if you too have fallen into this trap.

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