Fixing SagePay Error 4006 – The TxType requested is not supported on this account

July 6th, 2013 - Posted by Steve Marks to Web Development.

On an e-commerce site I was recently working on, the client wanted to use SagePay as their payment gateway. Integrating this was made easy due to the fact I was using WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin meaning, at the click of a button, SagePay is instantly available when the customer checks out.

In the development environment I’d managed to successfully put a test transaction through and, with everything else ready to go, the site was put live. In doing this the SagePay ‘TEST’ mode was turned off in WordPress and switched to ‘LIVE’.

The Problem

After putting the site live the first thing I did was test a SagePay transaction. I could instantly tell something wasn’t quite right when I received the following error:

The TxType requested is not supported on this account (Code: 4006)

I double checked the settings in WooCommerce, checked the card details I had entered and everything appeared to be correct. My first port of call was to get on the phone to SagePay support and see if they could assist.

The Solution

SagePay support, as always, was excellent and I got straight through to an advisor who informed me this error is caused because they haven’t set the account to ‘LIVE’ their end…

Me: “Well, can you switch it to live please?”
SagePay: “No, You haven’t finished your testing”
Me: “What do you mean?”
SagePay: “You need to put through a refund first before we set it to live”

A-ha! Whilst on the phone I put through a refund by logging into the test My Sage Pay and confirmed it had worked correctly.

With this all done the account was switched to ‘LIVE’ and I was then able to make transactions through the site.


In summary, this isn’t an error caused by invalid code or a misconfiguration. If you get this error, make sure your testing is complete by putting through a test transaction and performing a refund. Then get in touch with SagePay and ask them to switch the account live.

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Comments (2)
  1. jon c says:

    Thanks, i had the same problem, i just called sagepay and they put me live.

  2. We thought we were already compliant because our merchant gateway was PCI compliant. We only recently discovered that the phone line needs testing because we take some payments over the phone from customers, this was the only bit we had not done.