Facebook Page Not Appearing When Adding Work History

January 27th, 2014 - Posted by Steve Marks to Miscellaneous.

When adding your work and education history to your Facebook profile, it allows you to search for company pages and brings up a list of results that match the term entered.

I’ve had a particular scenario a few times now however where no results were found when entering the page name, even though I knew a page with that name existed.

What We’d Expect

Lets begin by taking a look at what we’d expect to happen:

Facebook page search with results
As we’d expect, above I have entered the page name and it brings up the matching pages. There’s the thumbnail and the location allowing us to confirm that we are selecting the correct page. This is particularly important in the event that there are pages with similar names.

What Actually Happens

The scenario in question however is when you enter a page name that you know exists, yet no results come back:

Facebook page search with no results
In this scenario Facebook just isn’t pulling through the page, giving the impression that either it can’t find matching pages, or that the page doesn’t exist.

The Solution

Although it might appear that there isn’t a matching page, in actual fact there is. If you enter the page name exactly as it appears, including any capitalisation, and click the bar under the textbox containing your search term, it will allow you to then enter your position etc at that company.

Upon clicking the ‘Add Job’ button, it will then pull in the page thumbnail and other information.

I assume that Facebook only shows in the results pages after a certain time, or maybe only pulls in the most popular pages. Either way, if you follow the steps above you’ll be able to select a page that it isn’t finding but that you know definitely exists.

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