Facebook Login Dialog Not Working For Other Users

September 2nd, 2013 - Posted by Steve Marks to Javascript / jQuery, Web Development.

I’ve recently been integrating Facebook login into a website so users can register and login using their Facebook account. The option to register without Facebook was also still available for the scenario where a user doesn’t have a Facebook account, however in an effort to make registration and logging in as quick and simple as possible, the Facebook login proved a useful feature.

During the development phase I came across the most peculiar, and annoying, problem. I’d created the app in the ‘Facebook Developers’ area, set it all up, and integrated it into the site. It was working perfectly for me so I sent it across to the customer who immediately came back saying it wasn’t working for him.

After trying it with another Facebook account that I had access to, the customer was indeed right. It seemed to work for my account but no others. It would present the login box fine but, once logged in, the box would disappear and nothing would happen.

I kicked myself when I discovered the cause, and I suspect that you may do the same…

The Solution

After a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of looking around on forums, trial and error and downright frustration the problem was down to the fact that the app was still in ‘sandbox mode’.

facebook app sandbox mode

In the help tooltip next to the ‘Sandbox Mode’ option it reads:

If enabled, only app developers will be able to use app

Well, once I’d disabled sandbox mode I was then able to use the Facebook login as expected from any account.

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