Converting a PHP Array to a Query String… And Back Again

May 18th, 2011 - Posted by Steve Marks to PHP, Web Development.

This is a scenario I have found myself in many times before; needing to convert a PHP array to a query string for use in a URL or POST request, and vice versa. Today I will discuss both methods and how they can be achieved with the aid of two very useful PHP functions; http_build_query() and parse_str().

Generating a URL query string from a PHP array

For the first part of this post let us take a look at the following PHP array:

$myArray = array(

Simple enough right? Just three elements in a single-dimension array. Now lets take a look at how we can convert this to a query string using our first function http_build_query():

echo http_build_query($myArray);

// Outputs: car=ford&animal=elephant&language=php

How easy was that! The function also works with multi-dimensional arrays as shown below:

$myArray = array(
	"car"=>array("ford", "vauxhall", "dodge"),

echo http_build_query($myArray);

// Outputs: car[0]=ford&car[1]=vauxhall&car[2]=dodge&animal=elephant&language=php

We can get as simple or as complex as we like but I’ll let you play around with the function to get it working for you. Pretty useful stuff I think you’ll agree?!? Now lets look at the opposite effect of turning our query strings back into an array.

Creating a PHP array based on a query string

For this i want to refer back to the query string we generated in our first example. If you’ve forgotten it looks a little like this:


It’s time to welcome our second function of today, parse_str(). Let’s put it in into action:

$queryString = "car=ford&animal=elephant&language=php";

parse_str($queryString, $output);


If done right the output will be a PHP array called $output (note the second parameter we used) containing three elements. We can see this below:

    [car] => ford
    [animal] => elephant
    [language] => php

So there we have it. In just a couple of lines we’ve gone from an array, to a query string, and back to an array again.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    sweet ;-)

  2. The first part of this post explains how to do exactly what you’re after. Tip: Use the http_build_query() function.

  3. I use the function parseurl to get array from url and then unset some field. I want to get url from that array :-? please help me to get it. Thank you very much in advance!

  4. Ankush Jetly says:

    Superb !! really u saved ma day !!!

  5. @Gav – Haha, that’s good to know… Glad I can be of some help!

  6. Gav says:

    Whenever I google stuff like this your site always seems to come up first! Thanks man – simple yet very effective snippet ;-)