CodeIgniter Google Static Maps V2 API Library

July 5th, 2011 - Posted by Steve Marks to PHP, Web Development.

The standard Google Maps JavaScript API is great for making fully functional, interactive maps. A lot of people don’t know however that Google also provide an API for generating static maps in the form of a normal image. This is great if you don’t need all the advanced features available in the JavaScript API, and due to the increased speed are especially useful for mobile websites.

I’ve built a CodeIgniter library for the Google Maps JavaScript API in the past so decided to take up challenge of building a library for the static maps API too. The library and documentation can all be found by following the links below:

Download Library (Last updated 5th July 2011)

View GitHub Repository

View Documentation PDF (74kb)

Demonstrations coming soon…

If you have any questions about the library or would like to leave feedback please leave a comment below or get in touch.

There is more functionality to be added to this library soon so keep checking back for any progress or follow me on GitHub.

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  1. Awesome library, very easy to use and great results.